Water/sewer/garbage payments may be made at City Hall. For after hours, we have a dropbox outside the door.

City Hall: 857-3814 (8am-4:30pm weekdays)

Public Works Department: Jeramey Wittenauer, 857-2422 (7am-3:30pm weekdays; call your alderman on weekends)

Water & Sewer

Bills are sent out monthly on the 1st and are due on the 15th. After the due date, a 10% late charge is assessed. If a bill is more than 60 days late, it is considered delinquent and service will be terminated.

Renters must pay a deposit of $100.

Please call City Hall for a final reading when you move.

Water Department: Rich Schrock, 857-3811

Trash Pickup

Garbage is picked up each Monday. Please have your garbage out by 6am. On major holidays your garbage will be picked up the following day.

You are allowed four 30-gallon bags (or containers). For additional bags, you must buy stickers at City Hall. 

Problems should be reported to the garbage company by calling 284-2432.

Allied Waste Disposal: 284-2432

Landscape Waste & Leaf Burning

All weeds, branches, etc. from your yard must be put in paper 30-gallon biodegradable bags. Pickup is on the fourth Thursday of the month, and you must call City Hall to get your name on the list. The cost is $10. Please have landscape waste out early as our trucks only go around one time.

Leaves, weeds and branches only may be burned year-round. They cannot be burned on the street and may only be burned during the daylight hours. Please do not leave burn piles unattended and do not burn wet landscape waste.


ComEd: 800-334-7661

Natural Gas

NICOR: 888-642-6748


Verizon: 800-483-4600

HughesNet: 866-649-3926

Frontier: 855-668-5959


Comcast: 888-736-6608


HughesNet: 866-649-3926

Frontier: 855-668-5959

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